Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday in Indiana

(This post is mostly done...we will try to post pictures when we have time.)

The view from our window in Goshen.

Wednesday was a busy day for Joseph's research. We moved out of our motel, wandered through an antique store in downtown Goshen, and then picked up Mary Oyer at her home. She took us to a little restaurant downtown, where we also met Matthew Lind and James Gingerich and his wife.

What a fun time, listening in on conversation between these Harmonia Sacra enthusiasts! I was amazed at what everyone knew, and how much fun they were having talking about it. Mary Oyer is 87 years old, and is sweet, witty, and sharp, pulling out names and dates and all kind of information. James Gingerich is a doctor who apparently is a Sacred Harp enthusiast as well as a lover of Harmonia Sacra. He has worked over the years to reproduce the Harmonia Sacra in its original form, and is amazingly adept at solfege singing, racing through do-me-la-do's at our table.Joseph asked them lots of questions, and I enjoyed listening in.

We took Mary Oyer home and she pulled out old hymnals from her collection and gave Joseph a lesson on the history of Mennonite hymnody, again with amazing love for her subject.

From Miss Oyer's, we headed to the Bonneyville Grist Mill, just in time to be in the lower level of the mill when the miller started grinding some corn up above us. It caused quite a rumble. The mill was a maze of gears and gizmos, and we enjoyed talking to the miller for awhile.


From there we started heading for South Bend for our last night, but Joseph got a call from a music guy at Goshen College who was willing to show Joseph their beautiful music hall and organ. So we turned around and went back to Goshen. The man was very kind, and let Joseph play the organ (and kindly went to do something else so Joseph didn't feel too stupid about not being able to play very well yet.

After the organ, we said goodbye to Goshen by eating at the South Side Diner, a cute litte diner that served way to many French fries in one order, and chocolate malts that could easily serve two people.

We re-entered the modern world by getting on to the interstate to head for South Bend and had our first experience with a toll road, then checked in and back out at our motel, and moved down the road to America's Best Value Inn. Joseph said he saw something that said rooms rented for over $200 a night in this area during Notre Dame football game weekends! I think he saw that at Knight's Inn! What do the other places charge, if they get away with that price?

Well, this is probably our last post, unless we squeeze something in while we wait around in the Chicago airport. We're looking forward to being home and seeing you all again! Joseph will spend the day at Notre Dame tomorrow, and I will try to write something worthwhile for Homeschooling Today. See you soon!


  1. That picture of Joseph playing the organ is awesome!