Friday, July 10, 2009

A's to Q's

Here are the answers to some of the "question-of-the-days" we have posted.

July 3rd. What is the first difference between Mennonite and Brethren? The style of baptism. Brethren dunk, Mennonites don't.

July 4th. What flavor of shake did I get? Strawberry. (Hannah guessed correctly)

July 5th. What does the term "blackbumper Mennonite" refer to? Mennonites that use cars, but paint the bumpers black to be more "modest."

July 6th. What does "WWBD" stand for? "What would Bubba do?"

July 7th.Where did Noah keep his bees? In his ark hives (archives, get it?) I found this on the shelves in the Eastern Mennonite University archives.

July 8th. How many kinds of meat did I eat at the insane buffet? Eight. Fried chicken, sweet-and-sour chicken, teriyaki chicken, honey chicken (on the salad), bacon (also on the salad), fried catfish, fried shrimp (LOTS of fried shrimp), and a steak. Yeah. I was full.

July 9th. How many times did we end up going to Kline's while we were in Harrisonburg? Six, plus we took some ice cream to our room on Saturday and ate it on Sunday. (Mrs. Payne guessed correctly)

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  1. Wow. That's alot of meat and ice cream. Are you going to be a blimp when you get back?