Saturday, July 11, 2009

It all fit! And we're off for Washington, D.C.!

My sandwich. Isn't she a beauty?

Good morning! It's almost 1 a.m. here. Good thing there's not much exciting news to tell of the day. The curriculum fair seemed slow at times, but I think we did OK with $1600 sales. Got to talk to many interesting people today, and tried to work on the HST article, but forgot my computer at the motel. But I did some preliminary scribbling on it, and actually put in 3 or 4 hours altogether around helping people.

Our delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Our booth.

George Washington made a special guest appearance

The trip in was much easier today, we actually came out within $4 on our accounting (pretty good for Joseph and me!), we didn't stop at Kline's today, and we walked around Old Town before taking the rental car back to Hertz. Manassas Municipal Airport is very hard to recognize as an airport! Then we had to wait for Haris Saaed, on his second day as a cab driver, to also find the airport, and then we helped him find our motel. It was a nice calm drive for a taxi!

Bookstore in Manassas. It was not as good as we hoped.

Everything actually fit into the extra spaces of the Doorposts return boxes and our two big suitcases and two carry-ons. We were wondering for awhile! We threw a few food items away after stuffing ourselves with chicken and potatoes and salad and broccoli and corn. Now we must go to bed. We have to be up and ready for the cab to pick us up at 8 tomorrow morning! We love you all! Next time you hear from us will probably be Monday night when we settle in Goshen, Indiana. Thanks for keeping us company with your comments!

Sunset over Manassas

Packing. I think it will all fit.

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  1. Oh yes, a simply stunning sandwich! Ruby is jealous. Maybe we can frame it when you get home.

    We miss y'all!