Monday, July 13, 2009

Into Indiana

Just to prove that I am far too tired to write a post tonight, I'll just type without ficing my errors. You'll wee how uselss my brain is until it gets some sleep. We had a bood tay, but not any sleep to speak of on the train. Couldn't get comfrotatablae. We were so happy to get a tacia right away at the "s'outh Gend train depot that it took until we were pushing open the doors at the airport, where we were suppoefae to pick up our rental car, that I finally realized that we had fogotten to pick up our checked luggage from off the trainl. At least we had a car to go back. Felt pretty stupid, and newly apprecaitead what a good night's sleep accomplishes.

I flet like a homeless person, squeexing into the bathroom stall at the tiny depot to finally change out of the horrible clothese that I had rushed all over D.C. in. More tomraeoow!

Excuse me, I'm going to shovel all the brocuherus off omy bed and go enjoy the luxutry of sleeping horizonatlly. Goodnighta!

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  1. Hannah, Andrew, Juli and Bev say: LOLOLOLOLOL get some sleep!